South Auckland Foundry is a small family owned metal manufacturing company, that provides quality New Zealand made castings, with a friendly, hands-on personal service. With more than 39 years of experience in the foundry industry, we can provide a level of expertise in sand casting and die casting equal to any in the country.
Our diversity is best displayed by our customer base which varies from aluminium electrical and cable hauling castings as small as 30 g, cast iron castings to 400 kg and lead keels up to 30 tonne. At the other end of the scale, South Auckland Foundry has established a reputation with restorers and enthusiasts dealing with small runs and one-off castings that other foundries may turn away.
We are more than happy to assist in the prototyping of new products.  Simply put, we will meet your requirements large or small.

Morgan Fry


Morgan Fry (Managing Director) began his foundry experience at Cheviot Pacific in 1979, manufacturing a well known and respected brand of alloy wheels. Operating as a Die Caster and Heat Treatment operator he soon worked his way to a managerial position as Foundry Manager.  From there he went to Westside Engineering as Foundry Manager expanding his knowledge further, before becoming the Foundry Manager at Expert Casting Systems (ECS) in Papakura.  

In 1999 Morgan left ECS to purchase South Auckland Foundry in Drury, which was solely a non-ferrous foundry. Before long he moved his business premises to the former ECS site in Papakura, purchasing their equipment and adding their ferrous manufacturing to his own non-ferrous production. 

The team at South Auckland Foundry is small and very hardworking, with years of valuable knowledge between them. The foundry environment is one of the oldest, and toughest industries working today, and some aspects of metal casting are as they have been for centuries, skilled operators with a wealth of knowledge.