Ferrous Metals

All up to 400 kg
Cast Iron 
SG Iron
Ductile Iron

Low Alloy Steels

Moulding & Casting

Hard Sand 
 Green Sand
Die Casting 
Lost Foam

From one-off volumes to large production runs

Non-ferrous Metals

Aluminium Grades (up to 200kg) 

Bronze (to 270kg)

Brass Grades (to 270kg)

Lead (up to 30 Tonnes)


Municipal Casting
Street Furniture 
Heritage restoration Castings 
Jobbing or manufacturing for Engineers, Electrical, Packaging, Vacuum Forming, Agricultural
Large Keels – Marine Castings



Made to last

Other Services

Manufacture your castings from your existing pattern-work or source pattern work and cast from your drawings.

One-off production from an existing casting in some cases, but there will be a small percentage size loss